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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Traditionally, IR is  a pluralistic in outlook and covers not only the relations between employer and employee but also the relations between employer and unions and between them and the state . However, in the last two decades IR as become more specific to the study and practice of Trade unionism, Collective bargaining, Labour Management relations. Human Resource Development is seen as a separate, largely distinct field that deals with non-union employment relationships and the personal practices and policies of employers.   Organizations especially those who are in manufacturing have to ensure that both IR and HR are treated as critical and over lapping component of their Human Resource Strategy Has IR was merely seen as adherence to labour laws and helping organisations stay compliant ?   The  evolution of large and medium industries,  employing thousands of employees in multi-product, multi-plant, multinational settings, unions continue to play vital

What makes Great Work Places?

It is natural for all of us to dream to get job in great  workplaces, as we spend majority of conscious hours at work.  Great workplaces,  empowers its people. Demonstrates an affection towards organisation and develop a desire to stay with the organisation. What makes great workplaces ? Research  proves, “more money doesn’t make employee happier, nor cosy office premises”.   It is the “ Leaders” , who  play a crucial role in bringing up  great workplaces to work, with the trust and  commitment he demonstrate  among the employees of all ranks. This facilitates employees to develop a trust towards their Leaders and develop a desire to stay with the organisation despite opportunities to work elsewhere. Take an extra effort and engage in behaviours that contribute to business success. This attitude will tend to lead maximum job satisfaction i.e I like my work and I do it well with maximum job contribution ; I help my organisation to achieve the goals. They are ent

Our First Meeting on 7th July 2015 (7 pm - 9pm)

Chennai HR team had its first meeting on 7/7/2015 in which we had more than 15 members participating. Initiated and facilitated by Mr Prabhu Swaminathan (Senior Group Manager,Randstad ) , Mr Krishna R , Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Potential Genesis HR Services LLP ), Ms Anuradha Parakkat (President -Take Academy of Life Science and Leadership) the first meeting was an introductory meeting of the members .HR leaders from GE,Hitachi Automotive,Kone,Reckitt Benckiser ,Scope,Vishay,OPG,R-Stahl ,CCCL etc and many other companies participated.The agenda was to set  the vision ,mission for the group and how to take the initiative forward and discuss ideas The major outcome of the meeting  to set objectives on the four areas was as follows What Chennai-HR (CHR) can contribute to HR community? What members shall like to get from CHR? What support CHR can look at contributing to academia (Faculty,Tier 2 ,3 cities) What CHR can contribute to society . The team

Welcome to Chennai -HR

Chennai HR is a team of HR-professionals who have joined hands together to take HR beyond the corporate and make an impact to the society. Initiated and founded by few like minded HR leaders it started as a small group in the month of May 2015 and moved on to more than 50 active members as on today and continuously growing day by day.The specialty of this group is ,it cuts across verticals,levels and looks at taking HR to make the social impact and thereby national impact .This blog shall share ideas from members ,active meeting updates and action plans  etc.