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Blended Coffee & Blended Corporate

It was 5 pm and I was craving for a true blended coffee.I walked to the cafeteria and found my colleague there .I thought why not we blend our thoughts along with our blended coffee and the outcome was the term  " Blended Corporate"which just popped up in my mind yesterday night.What does this term means and here it goes .... Most of the management philosophies talk about " Core Competency" and " Focus" as one of the  key to corporate success.For a moment I was thinking deeper on this and found can there be a potential downside on this argument.Interestingly I found in the process of attaining higher profitability  by moving towards core competency and focus ,I was wondering if organisations are too self-oriented  .By this argument I am not saying "core competency or focus" is an ineffective strategy but I am looking at an option of balancing few aspects as well .Every organisation/company is part of a larger industry to which it belongs to in a…

The Competency Myth

I am sure everybody in their life would have had their own wins and losses .One of the most associated term with losses and wins and more precisely in this competitive world is “Competency”. Let’s understand the meaning of the word technically before getting into detail of it .It means the ability to do something successfully or efficiently”. 

Either in professional or personal life in this highly competitive world we always win over the other or lose over the other .When we win it’s claimed we are competent and when we lose we are associated with incompetency. The fact is presence or absence of competency at the end of the day is a judgment based on individual or collective decision based on few or set of parameters. The biggest challenge and debate for me is here.Sometimes we are claimed incompetent or competent because the parameters defined are wrong or the assessment or decision may be wrong. I am not here by making this statement criticising, But there is a fundamental logic bas…