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Optimism > Pessimism?

Too often in the personal, professional life and particularly when we define attitude it’s more likely the needle of the world tilts more towards optimism and it is perceived or at least projected that optimistic people are more valuable than pessimistic people. As a person who doesn’t always like to accept things as it is and challenge the “status quo” I always ask to myself am I not pessimistic when I ask questions in the common forum/meetings why do you think it should happen this way? Challenging the status quo is the "mother of invention". In fact it’s the ability to see or even think beyond the most probable situations keeping the past trend aside. If we start thinking from this angle and relate to the quote “Both  optimists  and  pessimists  contribute to society. The  optimist invents  the  aeroplane , the  pessimist  the parachute” it will give more deeper insights. More often   it may look like optimists are more valuable as the probability for the  need of a

Passion is the "Fashion"

I got an opportunity call two weeks back to conduct "Goal setting & Motivation session" for CSR wing of one of the leading corporate.I know my date fell exactly on last day of a week which I had full of travel .But I know I can manage sometime in airports to organize my thoughts and prepare some basic framework.It was indeed on 4 am on 13th April 2016 in Chennai Airport I slotted 30 minutes . Again on 14th April 2016  @ 7 pm I was able to slot few minutes for draft plan.I landed late night in Chennai and I have to take this session on Friday 15th April 2016, 9 30 am.With all the tiredness and my passion towards student interaction I started the session @ 10 am. I was amazed to see the kind of passion all these 35 students showed in the session. In-fact few didn't even think about lunch and had post session one on one for almost an hour.Few also started interacting with me over phone ,whats app and mail on goals challenges as a good frien.After all these I was just