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Who will cry when you “CRY? > die?”

How did I miss this all these days? I have been travelling in the same route for the past few years. I have never seen this old lady who sits in the corner of the road who sells fresh vegetables in this hot sun along with her little grandson on her lap. From where did she come suddenly?  Have you ever felt situations like this in life? I am sure all would have felt at least once. The reality would have been she would have been there for years more than we have traveled in that route .Trust me though this is an imaginary scene I am sure many such realty scenes we would have experienced in life. What made that one day which made us see that lady and empathize? The reality is human mind shall be able to see and observe the things which concerns to us at that point in time or we could draw some parallels to our life”. All others it easily ignores .With the same empathy towards my friends who I haven’t met for long time ,  I thought let me visit few of my good old friends  who were idle fo…