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Who will cry when you “CRY? > die?”

How did I miss this all these days? I have been travelling in the same route for the past few years. I have never seen this old lady who sits in the corner of the road who sells fresh vegetables in this hot sun along with her little grandson on her lap. From where did she come suddenly?  Have you ever felt situations like this in life? I am sure all would have felt at least once.
The reality would have been she would have been there for years more than we have traveled in that route .Trust me though this is an imaginary scene I am sure many such realty scenes we would have experienced in life. What made that one day which made us see that lady and empathize? The reality is human mind shall be able to see and observe the things which concerns to us at that point in time or we could draw some parallels to our life”. All others it easily ignores .With the same empathy towards my friends who I haven’t met for long time ,  I thought let me visit few of my good old friends  who were idle for long time  in my book shelf. This friend “Who will cry when you die?  I thought could be worth spending time that night.
In the process of reading it though I have read it many years before, a question came to my mind does it really matter “who will cry when you die or who will cry when you cry?”. As this thought came I felt “who will cry when you cry” is more important than the previous one. What it meant to me was do we have such true heart for us? Did we earn at least one in our life time or Are we intending for it?
We in our everyday life become so busy in the process of focusing too much on our future and sometimes we ignore those few hearts unintentionally who could have been that “ONE TRUE HEART” may be because “Human mind shall be able to see and observe the things which concerns to us at that point in time or we could draw some parallels to our life”.
By the virtue of this argument I am not claiming that such behavior is a crime or wrong and I am saying that has to be seriously pondered. I thought of narrating this through a fiction of mine to explain this. There used to be a beautiful garden where lots of flowers blossom every day and one rose plant was always a special plant there which stood out because of its natural beauty & fragrance etc. Everyday this rose plant was admired by observers and one day the plant and roses in the plant started believing that it will become more special when it goes out of the garden and become a special plant in a rich house. It prayed to god and by the virtue of its true prayers god said I will bless as per your wish.
One day a rich man came took the plant since it was more attractive and thought he would keep that plant in his indoors. He took it put it in a golden decorated pot, watered it superbly and kept in his indoor office cabin. On the first day people admired the plant and as days went nobody admired the rose and the plant and but started admiring the decorated golden pot and the way it was maintained. The true beauty of the rose plant was ignored and after few days nobody even bothered about the rose’s beauty .The rose started to realize that the true beauty and the value of it was being in the garden where it originally was ,as it was its natural character which attracted people towards it and not the artificial decorative pot of gold or other amenities. 
Friends this is what happens to us most of the time in life .I thought of coining a term called “marginal elasticity of emotional value” keeping in mind the decrease in the value of emotions with the increase in concern for the future. Like the rose everybody has that innate true authentic beauty which attracts true hearts towards us which we lose over a period of time in this race.
In the process we become a herd as we are more tempted to move away from our own identity and natural beauty which actually attracted true hearts around us till that time. In our process of running like a herd it may look like “Emotions slightly transforming into Burdens” because we may be too busy in the process of just managing the relationships /people and not relating to the aspect of true beauty of ours or theirs which created an "emotional -social -personal" system and we may slowly lose  our true innate beauty in long run .This could be one of the main reason for the eruption of so many old age homes a social disaster in this country and may be a vital reason for many other challenges of this nation.
Also most of the times in this race we can’t relate to impact of our action on the other side as we choose a convenient assumption as the desired reaction based on our experience with people we might have seen .The actual reaction or impact shall be completely different. According to me“True maturity is the ability to attach emotions to the word and word to emotions keeping in mind the situation and the recipient in mind”
I am sure it is these true hearts or souls are the ones “who would really cry when you cry” and certainly “cry when you die”….
If you have one such, I am sure you are the luckiest and the richest and If you don’t have one “Identify/ Retain your Innate true beauty” in the life process and you will get one by “Law of attraction” because Who will cry when you “CRY? > die?”


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