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The universal law of returns for success

It is said life is all about what happens to anyone when they are busy with something else. How often in life we all face situations when all efforts and back up plans results go tangential with no returns and it may look at we are again to ground zero. At times the road ahead shall be unclear with multiple options in front of us or it may also look like no options at all. Too often at times we penalise ourselves when all our efforts doesn’t yield desired results. After thorough analysis based on my own individual experiences and observations the reason for this stress is we all put our efforts in one dimension or a bucket and expect the results come from same dimension. The rational brain always doesn’t want to complicate things and it is always comfortable in a more linear model of efforts and results. However the law of universe and averages doesn’t work that way. The equation between efforts and results are certainly guaranteed but nobody can even have a clue on the