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The universal law of returns for success

It is said life is all about what happens to anyone when they are busy with something else. How often in life we all face situations when all efforts and back up plans results go tangential with no returns and it may look at we are again to ground zero. At times the road ahead shall be unclear with multiple options in front of us or it may also look like no options at all.

Too often at times we penalise ourselves when all our efforts doesn’t yield desired results. After thorough analysis based on my own individual experiences and observations the reason for this stress is we all put our efforts in one dimension or a bucket and expect the results come from same dimension.

The rational brain always doesn’t want to complicate things and it is always comfortable in a more linear model of efforts and results. However the law of universe and averages doesn’t work that way. The equation between efforts and results are certainly guaranteed but nobody can even have a clue on the dimension and proportion from where the results are going to come from.

Let me demonstrate with an example .I run a purpose oriented business where I take lots of innovative steps every often and put that into action. The ideas can be as many as at least ten in a month ranging from strategic tie-ups to small value adds to the customers. Many fail doesn’t yield the desired results. We plan a tie-up with one forum for a session we promote and advertise aiming certain returns. That becomes an utter failures at times. But this promotion leads to another tie-up and that engagement shall yield us some results .Through this result we derive another concept or engagement and that yields few more. If we actually average the summation of this chain returns in different dimensions we will realise the universe never disappoints the conscious efforts and pay us in long run.

Then why the stress for most of the human being .It’s because

1.       One we don’t trust the universe or don’t understand this formula.
2.       Two we need minimal rationally defined resources to sustain till the universe pays returns.
3.       Three we wanted results to come from same dimension of efforts in same proportion.

Practically all these can be addressed. First we all should understand and completely trust the universe that efforts don’t go waste at all. Also we should be prepared that efforts shall be rewarded at any time from any dimension and any proportion. (More often when we are busy with something else). Three we should be able to sail through even if minimal resources in hand. I always keep saying inspired by famous quote  “if I can’t run I will walk and if I can’t walk I will crawl and if I cant crawl I will be thinking I am running and in all ways I keep moving forward “.

This made me look at perseverance in a more precise manner. According to me perseverance is “The ability to stay away from inaction and continue to do something in action or at least in the thought process level with whatever minimal resources one has or could mobilise at that point in time irrespective of whatever repetitive that action may be trusting the universe”.

Did I succeed by following this? My answer is I trust the universal law of returns.

If it is convincing for you to stay ahead and march towards your goal please do like and share.


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