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Our vehicle is yet to come!

It was two weeks back one early morning I got into a cab towards Chennai airport .The driver applied a sudden brake and after few jerks the journey became smooth .Like a typical day I was checking my mobile for messages and the driver suddenly opened up with this statement to me “This is what is being lucky all about”.
Wondering what has happened I asked why and what do you mean?
He asked me didn’t you notice the puppy dog which was about to be hit by our car was taken by the family of another Honda city car which came behind us.
I said “No”. He said one statement “Would the puppy have ever imagined that from today it’s going to get a great family and meal from now on?”
After casual conversations with him when I boarded the flight and I was re-thinking on the incident.
What was about to happen first for the puppy was a great disaster but in few seconds it became a great wonder for life.
On a relative scale its fraction of seconds in puppy’s life may be its years in people’s life. The key is not to DECIDE our tomorrow based on today but going through the phase till the time we get our Honda City or even Rolls Royce for life.
This makes me to question the aspect of urge to decision making and being judgemental.
But why do we too often want to DECIDE too quickly? After few hours of grinding my thoughts I found this could be one the main reasons .A conscious awareness of this may help us not to be too judgemental about situations and people in the future.
Brain/mind wants to classify things for its ease:
Human brain/mind is so designed as it always wants to create two buckets and classify things. The buckets are Right -Wrong or Good – Bad or Safe-Unsafe. The moment it classifies people and situations it becomes easy for the brain/mind to process and take decisions and keep moving.
The most important and fundamental aspect of the above design of brain/mind is it’s based on our/its own experiences and exposure. It completely can’t relate to other’s experiences.
Too often we fall into the brain/mind design trap and we want to quickly decide and move on but what matters is not Right or Wrong or Good Or Bad but understanding of the situation or the people.
People often loose relationships or don’t take risks in life or stereotype people mainly because of the above nature of the brain/mind thinking process.
In reality if we are aware of this and be the manager of our brain/mind and not let the brain/mind be a smart manager we will see things change over a period of time.
If you are in a situation where you can’t take decisions or you are in the urge to take decision to keep moving here are my tips
  •  DON’T “DECIDE” but to keep it “ASIDE”
  • “URGE” to “JUDGE” will lead to disaster.
  • Don’t let your brain/mind manage you!

I am waiting for my vehicle to come .
Are you ready to wait?


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